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Truly Mobile.
Truly Unlimited.
Feel The IMPACT.
  •  Unlimited Data*
  •  Connect Multiple Devices
  •  No Contract
  •  No Credit Check
  •  No Installation 
  •  14 Day Return Policy
  •  No Roaming Fees in 140+ Countries
Mobile internet that gives you access to our lightning fast 4G LTE network. Nationwide.
Connect your wireless devices at home or on the go.
Our internet goes where you go with no roaming fees in over 140 countries. Go ahead. Get out of town.
  We finally have working internet. Our local carrier has basically had the monopoly for years and the service was terrible. Now we have working, FAST internet. Finally! - Kattie Casper Moore
  It's about time that I found fast internet for home. And what's even better, I can take it with me when I hit the road! Thanks Impact Wireless! - Erik Fisher (Two Time Olympic Downhill Skier)
  Excellent service. Great product. Wish we had found this sooner. Customer service is excellent! Our internet device failed. Called customer service and they sent out a replacement unit to us very fast. We are up and running again with great service. Received an updated unit too! Thank you. - John Salvatore Sr. 
*Unlimited data with 50 GB of 4G LTE high-speed data. We use prioritization for customers to manage network
traffic and ensure a small number of the very most active users on our network don’t negatively impact everyone
else so everyone can have a great experience. Often confused for a “throttle” or “cap,” prioritization is different.
It doesn’t cap how much you can use, and someone would only notice it when TWO things happen: the
customer has already consumed a ton of data in the month (50GB) AND they are in an area of the network is
that currently experiencing congestion. When customers who use the most data hit these prioritization points
during the month, they get in line behind other customers who have used less data and may experience
reduced speeds. But this impacts them only very rarely, like when there is a big line, and it resets every month.
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